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What is a ECU Tune and what parameters are tuned in the ECU

 Tuning your ECU

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


What other services and products does BCS Performance & Controls LLC offer?
Where is my ECU located and how do I remove it?
Please watch the short video we have prepared. It will walk you though the removal and installation process step by step.
How to package and ship your ECU to us.
Please note that our shipping address is a P.O. Box so you should send your ECU via the US Postal Service. 
Ups and Fedex do not deliver to P.O. Boxes. 
If you must send your ECU via UPS or Fedex, please contact us first and we will supply you with a physical address to deliver your ECU to. 

Please Select Payment Amount From Drop Down Menu

How can I tell if my M109R has a fuel module or TRE on it ?
This video will help you identify if you have aftermarket piggyback devices on your M109R. These devices will need to be compleatly removed before installing your fully tuned ECU back into your bike.

What is the cost of a ECU Tune and how do I send payment?

Please print and fill out this form. Include this form inside the box with your ECU. We must receive this information in writing before we are able to tune your ECU.

(If you are unable to print this form please hand this information and include it with the ECU)

Please use the “Pay Now” button to submit your secured payment via Paypal, or credit card.